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With a nod to the past, Pancakes Amsterdam’s design is modern and new, but real experts will recognize the little authentic elements of the old farms in our restaurants. The Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ and cosiness is recognisable by the use of big rectangular tables, open bars and kitchens to create the sense of togetherness.

Are you looking for a central location to have a bite of beautiful Dutch heritage? Come and have a look at the PH! 

Come and take a seat in our open kitchen at the Berenstraat to have a taste of the best Pancakes around in the nine streets.

Situated next to the Anna Frank House, the Wester is really the place to pause and relax for a little while.

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Enjoy pancakes all over the world! Pancakes Amsterdam serves pancakes in its broadest sense, originated from The Netherlands but also inspired by traditions from countries all over the world. Having traditional pancakes, but than different


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