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Pancakes Amsterdam is founded by Ingrid and Nicolette in 2007. At Pancakes Amsterdam all Dutch pancakes are made with fair-trade buckwheat flour, real eggs and biological milk.
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Who are we?

A modern, fresh pancake 

place for everyone!

Pancakes Amsterdam was founded in 2007. We’ve combined and emphasized the values ‘fresh’, a ‘modern Dutch interior’ and the ‘best local products’. Ten years later we have grown and expanded to three locations. Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, Pancakes Amsterdam is ideal for enjoying pancakes with a little twist: a unique, fun and unconventional pancake experience.

Pancakes Amsterdam serves pancakes in its’ broadest sense, originated in The Netherlands but also inspired by countries all over the world. “Making it possible for everybody all over the world, to enjoy the best pancakes!” 

At Pancakes Amsterdam, all Dutch pancakes are made with fair-trade buckwheat flour, eggs, milk and our ‘secret ingredient’. Moreover, gluten free pancakes and lactose free pancakes are available at all our locations. Preparation may take a little longer, resulting in extra quality time spent with your friends and family.

Let us introduce you to Ingrid (left) and Nicolette (right), two spirited and adventurous ladies with one mission: “make pancakes available to everyone, all over the world”.

Instead of following the old-fashioned ways of serving traditional pancakes, these women took a new and fresh approach and put our Dutch pancakes experience on a pedestal. 

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Working @ Pancakes

Would you like to join our team?
We are always on the lookout for new pancake talent!
See our job page for the latest job openings.

Discover our locations

Are you looking for a bite to eat before you explore the city? This location is right on the edge of the Red Light District and only a five minute walk from Dam Square.

This location, established in 2007, is our first the Pancakes Amsterdam. Take a break from shopping and visit the Berenstraat 38 located in the famous Nine Streets.

Situated next to the Anne Frank House; this brand new location is the perfect place to stop and relax for a little while and enjoy our warm and welcome atmosphere.